The Chicago Improvised Music Catalog is my attempt to create an electronic meeting point (on the internet) for a very diverse set of musicians. The sum of these artists makes up a very complex organism known as Chicago Jazz.

This website intends to expose the full range of musical expression within the local jazz movement with the hope of promoting a greater appreciation for all that is happening.

While each artist's concept of what creative music is may vary greatly...all of the music presented on this website will have these three things in common:

  1. Each artist is intending to express something human.
  2. All of these musicians are actively performing in Chicago.
  3. In some way or another, I have had the privilege of playing a part in the making of each of these recordings.

Caleb Willitz

To Introduce
by PCM Session 1
from PCM Session 1 Studio May 30th, 2009